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Loss Control & Risk Management

Loss Control

We base our relationships with you on a complete understanding of your needs. At the same time, we provide you with the tools and resources you need to remain competitive. Our loss control professionals will provide you with a detailed review of your work environment and exposures. We will then use the collected data to develop a plan to specifically target your necessary areas of need.

OSHA California Code of Regulations requires all employers and employees to follow safety and health laws. An effective loss prevention program can reduce employee injuries, lower the cost of doing business, and maintain productivity. It is our belief that pro-activity is the first and most important step in developing a safe work culture.

Below are some examples of Cumbre services and training:

  • Conduct a facility safety inspection/audit
  • Conduct a evaluation of business for classification/audit
  • Identify existing or potential hazards at the workplace
  • Recommendations to correct hazards
  • Behavior based safety
  • Industry related safety training
  • 10hr & 30hr OSHA outreach course in general industry safety and health
  • 10hr & 30hr OSHA outreach course in construction safety and health
  • Supervisor and employee responsibilities & training
  • Forklift training
  • Injury and Illness investigation of accident or near miss
  • Record keeping training
  • Provide client with general safety and health topics in accordance with their specific duties and hazards

Below are some of our loss control professional’s certifications:

OSHA Construction Out-Reach Trainer 10 & 30 Hour (OTI) OSHA #500
OSHA General Industry Out-Reach Trainer 10 & 30 Hour (OTI) OSHA #501
OSHA Standards (OTI) OSHA #511
OSHA Excavation Standards (OTI) OSHA #3010
Excavation Safety and Competent Person (NUCA)
Permit Required Confined Space & Emergency Rescue (SAIC)
Collection System Maintenance Technologist Grade 2 (CWPCA) (WEA)
Competent Person Shoring & Trenching (AWWA)

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