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Experience Modification Revision Program

Experience Modification Revision Program

Cumbre Insurance Services has long been a pioneer in client services and legislative reforms related to workers’ compensation insurance, including experience modifications, payroll classifications, and audit disputes.

We specialize in reducing and recovering past paid premiums by (creative) interpretation of the regulations and laws that govern workers compensation.

Our services and expertise has resulted in millions of dollars in recovered and/or reduced workers’ compensation insurance premiums for our clients in the following areas:

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Classification Assignment

  • Review and consultation of WCIRB inspection report classification assignments to workers’ compensation insurance policies.
  • Review and reclassification of workers’ compensation insurance classifications and payroll, to lower rated workers’ compensation insurance classification codes.
  • Review and resolution of mid-term classification endorsements, which resulted in increased premium costs.
  • Resolution and/or reduction of workers’ compensation insurance policy final audit increased premiums, due to payroll and classification assignment errors.

Workers Compensation Insurance Experience Modifications

  • Experience Modification audits resulting in revised (lowered) experience modifications for previous, current and future workers’ compensation policies.
  • Experience Modification qualification, policy application and correction.
  • Resolution and/or reduction of final audits and policy endorsement increased premiums due to the application of an experience modification.
  • Review and consultation of increased experience modifications due to increased claims costs and reserves.

Workers Compensation Policy Administration and Audit.

  • Resolution and/or reduction of mid-term policy endorsements, which resulted in increased premium costs.
  • Resolution and/or reduction of policy short rate penalties.
  • Resolution and/or reduction of final audit increased premiums.
  • Resolution and/or reduction of collection agency policy and audit premium disputes.

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