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Diversity & Public Entities

Diversity & Public Entities

Cumbre Insurance Services currently has the following certifications:

MBE – (Hispanic) Certified by the California Public Utilities Commission.

DBE – Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority

DBE – California Unified Certification Program

SBE – Port of Long Beach, Metropolitan Water District

SBE – Small Business Administration

Cumbre Insurance Services can provide the following services:

OCIP Administration
We can provide Owner Controlled Insurance Program management and administration. We have licensed professionals in all aspects of insurance processing and administration and can tailor a program for your particular OCIP or CCIP. Our past OCIP Administration includes the Pasadena Gold Line Project.

Claims Administration
We provide claims reporting, and claims liaison services on all lines of insurance. We have professionals on staff that can assist clients in all aspects of claims processing and administration.

Benefits Administration
We provide professional, technical and administrative support to group employee benefits programs.

Insurance Administration
We provide a wide variety of insurance, claims, and administrative support to insurance brokers, carriers, third party administrators or insureds. We can provide back-end administrative support on any type of insurance related project.

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